Frequently Asked Questions


We suggest taking a photo of your hair in natural lighting & compare with the photos for each color. You can also order a color ring to be sure you pick the best color for you.

Yes! You can color our extensions darker than the starting color but you should not use any bleach or lightener on them. We recommend using a semi permanent color. If you're doing a fashion color such as Pulp Riot, we recommend purchasing our "Blondest Blonde" color. Its a perfect blonde with little to no yellow! 

YES! Use the link below to submit your Stylist info or boutiques info. We will reach out to you if more info is needed! Once we have your information, you will be able to access pricing available only to Stylists & Boutiques! Stylist & Wholesale Pricing 


Start by brushing your natural hair to remove all tangles using our Shine Brush. Next, section your hair where you would like to place the extension using our Tease Comb and clip the hair above out of the way. Making sure you have a clean part. Brush out the extension and make sure all clips are open. Place the clips one at a time where you parted your hair and snap closed. If you feel any discomfort, remove and re-do. Discomfort typically comes from a rogue hair or flyaway being clipped. Make sure your part is as clean from flyaways as possible.


Due to sanitation and Covid-19, we do not allow any exchanges, returns, or refunds. 

If you placed your order through a salon or boutique, please contact them directly for any questions or concerns about your order. Siesta Key Hair only has access to customer orders placed directly through our site. If your questions or concerns are not handled by the place of purchase, please submit a request using our contact form. 

No. We don't allow cancelations, returns, or exchanges. Please make sure you are ordering the correct length & color before submitting your order. If you need help or need to check if an item is in stock, use our chat feature to ask us any questions.


We ship within 1-2 business days! If your order is out of stock, you will be notified via email and your order will ship within 14-20 business days.


For our one piece Volume Clip-In, we suggest one piece if your natural hair is very fine to fine and past your shoulders. Two pieces are needed if you have medium to thick hair or if your hair is shoulder length or shorter.

Our Mini set is used to add thickness for weddings and braids. We suggest just one pack or the one piece Volume Clip-In if you want to add length. 

Washing & Drying

We typically recommend washing once a month or when you have been in contact with smells that stick in the hair such as smoke. Do not wash the extensions while they are in your hair. Its best to wash your clip-ins using the bathtub faucet or shower faucet. Do not use a ruff, back and forth motion on the hair extensions. Be sure to thoroughly wet the hair, then use an extension safe shampoo and lightly run it over the hair, no scrubbing needed. Rinse thoroughly, squeeze out excess water and apply conditioner throughout. Proceed with rinsing out all product. To dry, wrap a microfiber towel around the hair and squeeze. You can hang dry or blow dry but be sure to blow dry the extension fully before you clip it in.